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NZ Curriculum Online

School-initiated supplementary supports

Programmes for Students (PfS), comprising:

ALL, ALiM and MST provides targeted support for students not meeting expectations.

Please contact your local Education Advisor with any queries.

ALL, ALiM, and MST are interventions designed to support schools to inquire into their teaching practices to do something new or different to accelerate the progress of students not meeting expectations in mathematics, reading and/or writing of year 1–10 students.

ALL uses the expertise within the school to undertake a short-term intervention to accelerate the progress of students not meeting expectations in reading and/or writing. The intervention is in addition to effective classroom teaching.

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Accelerating Learning in Mathematics (ALiM) uses the expertise within the school to undertake a short-term intervention to accelerate the progress of students not meeting expectations in mathematics. The intervention is in addition to effective classroom teaching.

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Mathematics Support Teacher (MST) is a supplementary support that targets students who are struggling to make expected progress in mathematics.

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Resourcing information for principals:

For any queries please send them to 2018 Cheap Price Buy Cheap Cost Mens SLM Elements Midi Boxer Briefs sloggi hsUIxy23

Updated on: 09 Nov 2017

PLD is changing

Professional Learning And Development (PLD) is changing – What it is focused on, who delivers it, and how schools, kura and CoL can access it.

Initial changes are rolling out now.

Find the latest information about the new PLD system: Education Services – PLD

System of support



Fact sheets

Accelerating Learning in Literacy Fact Sheet (Word 2007, 24 KB)

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Mathematics Support Teacher Fact Sheet (Word 2007, 24 KB)

School curriculum and achievement action plan template (Word 2007, 206 KB)

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Jeff Sliger

Hi Cindy,

Great post (thumbs up reminder)

I foresee another hiccup in this practice. If the Search Engine takes visitors to it's scarped version of the site rather than the actual website there will most likely be an inaccurate tracking of visits to the site and an impression that the site is NOT as relevant as it really is in a give search.

The other downside is for sites that have constant changes on a daily basis. Which version is showing up in the SE's scraped view. How is it effecting user experience? For instance, if you have a sports related website and are posting information about the latest sports news but the scraped version is showing something that was on your site a week ago....

Since more and more web users are using their mobile devices more than their desktops for searches, the implications for websites that would fare well on a computer but not in a Search Engines scraped temporary version are HUGE.

Marlon Navas

But how does google react when you are using CSS to display a mobile version of the same content?


I didn't even know that. It's good to learn that Search Engine do that. You told that it could be good if search engine transcoded "better" and remove duplicate content / index. What about CSS media queries ? We can change CSS style of the same, the same page, for more usability so transcoding is not useful if we can do media queries and control the display ?


Nice. Pretty good post on Mobile Search Engine Transcoding. I am not aware of this before. Will be looking back for updates on this.

Donnie Cooper

Hey Suzzick.

Can you recommend some tools for testing different mobile browsers from a PC?

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I’m sure there is some correlation between the number of “followers” one has on Social Media and the ability to land a high profile gig with a major network worth decent money for his commentary.

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He lost a white suit once too.

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What’s the moral here?

You shouldn’t trust your agent’s stupid ideas.

No matter what he says, he’s not working for you.

He’s working for himself (or herself.)

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I’d guess fewer people want to be associated with a murderer.

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Ray Lewis has a history of thinning the population.

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Why would anyone follow Ray Lewis on Twitter? what does he have to say that would be in anyway meaningful??

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It was the hometown score keepers, just like they used to pad his tackle stats by giving him an assist for being within 2 yards of the pile.

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Paying money to make it look like you are more popular than you really are. Is that where we are as a society? No thanks, I’ll just continue to enjoy my anonymity in the world of social media.

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Half of the remaining 364k followers may be fake too. The reduction work Twitter’s done so far, that the media is widely reporting, has actually only just begun. Even then, Twitter are being conservative, hoping to eventually take on (or rather, take out) what they claim is just 6% fake.

Why 6%? Merely because it’s a comfortable estimate – big enough to show they are doing something but without destroying their model. And a manageable amount to just tackle the more obvious fakes but without investing in a rooting out of cleverer fakes – because if they did it would prove the entire model is completely unreliable and fully corruptible. Twitter was developed for teenage girls, not as a tool for image-conscious millionaires, businesses and governments. What did you expect?

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